Using Heat Guns for Plumbing

The plumbing industry has benefited tremendously with the introduction of the plastic welding heat gun. This compact and useful tool has become quite indispensable to the plumber, making his job a lot easier. The number of benefits that a heat gun provides are innumerous and so it is extensively used for running and repairing plumbing.


The variable temperature heat gun speeds up the process of bending PVC pipes which makes plumbing lines run smoother and decreases the number of joins that are required. Conventionally an elbow would have had to be added at every corner by the plumber, now however, with the use of a heat gun and a special wire coil the PVC pipe can easily bend to fit the desired angle.

Using PVC adhesive is an option chosen by few nowadays as the industrial hot air gun makes the work faster and easier and also makes it stronger. Apart from the advantage of not having to wait to let water flow through the glued joints, plumbers also value the absence of the sticky mess produced by most conventional adhesives and cleaners used for making joints.


Joints in a pipeline cannot be completely done away with, sometimes they are necessary but the portable hot air gun has certainly replaced the smelly glues which the plumbers would have otherwise had to use. The heat gun is used to heat the end of the hose or pipe which is then pushed into the joint piece. Expansion and contraction of the hot plastic serves to make it a much tighter join.


Post time: Nov-24-2022