HG6617S Portable Adjustable Shrink Wrap Mini Crafts Heat Gun

Short Description:

● Voltage:220V/50Hz

● To remove paint or apply paint, hot air nozzles and scrapers can be used.

● Remove self-adhesive stickers and decorations.

● Remove rusted or too tight nut machine metal screws.

● Melt frozen door locks or padlocks.

● Sealing heat shrinkage, thermoforming and car beauty film, etc.

Product Detail


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Model HG6617S
Rated Power Input 1800W
Temperature -
Low Temperature 50℃
Middle Temperature 100~350°C
High Temperature 100-550℃
Net Weight 0.8kg
Features 2-gear adjustable temperature and air flow
- Rubber-covered handle
Accessories & Package Flat Wind Tube, Round Wind Tube, Color Box Packing
Name Portable Heat Gun-1800W
Input voltage AC 220V
Frequency 50Hz
Working current:8A -
Power watt 1800W
Temperature 100-550 degree
Airflow L: 250L/H: 400L

Simple And Easy To Use

TGK's hot air gun is super easy and practical to use. It has a built-in metal base stand which when used, allows the user to be hands-free - perfect for bending plastic pipes into the shape desired. This makes the experience much more comfortable for the hot air gun user and helps to prevent repetitive strain injuries for those using the gun for long periods of time. It also benefits from a 2-metre power cable and BS plug so that you can easily reach any hard-to-reach places.

Designed with Your Safety in Mind

The TGK Hot Air Heat Gun has been designed with your safety in mind so that you can use it with complete peace of mind. With an ergonomic lightweight design and a comfortable grip, it’s designed to minimise user fatigue and prevent strain for those using the hot gun for long periods of time. It’s also crafted from ABS fireproof plastic and heat resistant nylon and fitted with overload protector components to avoid any damage from happening to your heat gun, as well as giving you extra safety when you’re using it.

Two Instant Heat Modes

This TGK 1800W Hot Air Gun has 2 heat settings. It can provide powerful heat of up to 550°C in seconds – perfect for getting the job started straight away. The first heat setting provides heat of up to 350°C with airflow of 250L/min airflow. This is ideal for bending plastic or soft paint, softening adhesive material and much more. The second heat setting heats up to an impressive 550°C with airflow of 400L/min. This is perfect for loosening rust, removing paint and more. It heats up in seconds and the heat speed mode selection is conveniently located on the grip of the heat gun, allowing you to have better control over the job at hand.

The heat gun is an ideal tool for stripping paint, varnishes and softening and removing adhesives or drying new coats of filler. Other applications include thawing frozen water pipes and loosening rusted or seized nuts. With its temp range at 100 and 550 degrees (Celsius), it allows you to tackle a number of coatings quickly and easily.

The product features two heat and airflow settings for more control depending on application. It can be used hands free thanks to a built in stand which also is handy when the tool is cooling down after finished job.

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