Common application fields of portable heat gun.

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Essentially used to soften old paints, the commercial heat gun also works wonders in other areas. Thanks to a hot air flow adjustable in intensity and temperature, the commercial best budget heat gun allows, at low temperature, to defrost a lock, dry a surface, shorten the drying time of glues, speed up chemical processes, or even expand metal parts to facilitate disassembly.

This tool also allows you to peel off old adhesives easily or soften the sealant of a glass, or even soften plastic slabs to facilitate cutting. You just need to know how to wield it correctly. Now, let’s take a look at the most common areas of utilization of the heat shrink heat gun.

1. Paint Drying – If you need to dry the paint quickly, a commercial plastic shrink wrap heat gun will do the job! This is useful if there is a risk of dust getting into the drying paint or people might touch it. Make sure you take care not to get too close so you don’t accidentally burn the paint.

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2. Thaw Frozen Pipes – Take it slowly and gently warm the pipes to be sure that you don’t rise the temperature of the pipe too quickly because the ice will expand as it thaws, and this could cause obviously damage the pipe. As long as you take your time, this will get the water flowing once again.

3. Restore the Plastic Trim on cars – Strange but absolutely true – watch this video on car repairs using a portable heat gun to see how it’s done.

4. Soften Glues and Adhesives – A commercial plastic welding heat gun is just thing to raise the temperature on a glue or adhesive to soften it enough to remove it. It’s ideal for removing old stickers or labels. Remove any sticky residue with a quick squirt of WD-40 or some DeSolvIt Sticky Stuff remover and a wipe over.

commercial wholesale heat gun is a relatively simple yet surprisingly flexible tool used for everything from stripping paint and thawing pipes to circuit board repair and vehicle wraps.

Post time: Jul-22-2022