A heat gun can basically do everything

Today the Cool Tool is a dual temp heat gun. It’s a simple tool with more uses around the garage, car and home than you can fathom.


Heat can make so many jobs easier. The application of heat can help free stuck fasteners, soften up plastics, activate or loosen up glue, and so much more. A heat gun can deliver these necessary piping-hot temperatures.

Heat guns have even more uses for cars.


Have you ever reversed into something, causing an unsightly dent in your bumper cover? You can use one to heat up the bumper before using your hand on the other side to pop the dent back out.And while likely not as good as a torch or the Mini-Ductor, a varitemp heat gun can be used to heat up stuck fasteners.


Portable heat shrink guns also provide more than enough heat to soften adhesives. This is good for getting rid of old stickers or pulling apart parts that may be adhered like light housings or interior trim. They can even be used with heat-activated glues to assist in leather and vinyl repairs.

Post time: Nov-17-2022