What is temperature controlled soldering station used for?

Soldering Station: A soldering station acts as a control station for your soldering iron if you have an adjustable iron. The station has the controls for adjusting the temperature of the iron as well as other settings. You may plug your iron into this soldering station.

Introduction to welding station
Soldering table is a kind of manual tool commonly used in electronic welding process. It heats the solder to melt it, so that two workpieces can be welded together. In order to protect the environment, countries have banned the use of lead solder wire, which increases the welding temperature, because the melting point of lead-free solder wire is higher than that of lead solder wire.


Functions of welding station
Anti static function: mainly to prevent precise chip welding from being broken down by static electricity.

Sleep function: energy saving, prolong the life of the soldering head.

Digital display temperature: easy to adjust.
Password lock temperature: prevent workers from randomly changing temperature settings.
Difference of welding station
Efficiency comparison: The efficiency of the thermostatic soldering station is relatively high, the thermal efficiency can reach about 80%, and it is good to have 50% of the electric soldering iron.

Energy consumption comparison: The constant temperature welding station has low energy consumption, because the temperature is adjusted well, the heating is no longer required, and the corresponding energy consumption is low, that is, the welding station uses less electricity for the same welding effect.

Post time: Oct-27-2022