What can be done with a heat gun?


What is a professional mini heat gun?
Heat gun, also called welding air gun, is a tool for disassembling and welding components. In different use scenarios, targeted work is carried out by adjusting the temperature of the adjustable heat gun and controlling the air volume. At the same time, the nozzle should be kept at a certain distance from the working object to avoid the danger of excessive temperature.

Working principle of best budget heat gun
The electronics heat gun uses a micro blower as the air source, and heats the air flow with a heating wire to make the air flow reach the desired temperature. The main part of the control circuit should include a temperature signal amplification circuit, a comparison circuit, a silicon controlled control circuit, a sensor, a wind control circuit, etc. It sounds very complex? It's actually very easy to use.

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Use of industrial hot air gun
Through the understanding of the above knowledge, we have a certain understanding of the hot air gun. However, in the cognitive field of most people, the hot air gun is one of the important tools frequently used on the construction site, which seems to have nothing to do with our daily life. In fact, the hot air gun can do all kinds of work, and many daily problems can be easily solved because of it. Next, let's see what life problems can be solved by the hot air gun:

  • Remove old paint

Painted furniture will fall off or lose luster after being used for a long time. Before repainting, remove all the old paint. If you want to not hurt the working object itself, you can use a hot-air gun to heat and soften the top paint. The softened paint is easy to be peeled off, but you should also control the temperature to avoid scorching the surface of the object. However, cement paint, enamel paint and mineral paint cannot be softened with hot air.

  • Dual digital display hot air gun

The same choice of intelligent digital display products can achieve accurate temperature control and prevent the rubber tube from blowing. The other thing is to choose a hot air gun with high power, fast motor speed and stronger air outlet, which is suitable for processing thicker PVC wire pipes.

  • Bending plastic pipe

PVC pipes will be used for wiring or replacing water pipes at home, but when there is no professional tool to bend the pipe, you can use a industrial hot air guns to blow the pipe soft first and then bend it. During softening, the air outlet shall be 5-15cm away from the pipeline and evenly heated around the plastic pipe. When bending, it can be bent a little more to prevent rebound after cooling.


According to the actual life, we found that the protable 2000w heat gun can be regarded as a versatile person in life. In fact, its use is far more than that. Blowing loose the rusty screws and nuts, heat shrinkable packaging, etc. are inseparable from a good hot air gun.

Post time: Oct-14-2022