Power Tools and Safety Precautions

Power tools give workers significant convenience and efficiency but they also pose a significant work hazard. Although more of a safety hazard for amateurs with only experience in hand tools, power tools can create many workplace or at-home injuries. Many of these are the result of people not using the correct tool for the job needed or not having enough experience. On a minor level, some common injuries resulting from power tools include cuts and eye injuries, but more serious amputations and impaling can even result from their use. Safety is extremely important when using a power drill, screwdriver, or any tool with an electric current.

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First, as the most important safety measure, don't operate a tool unless you've had proper training. Don't assume that because you've used a screwdriver hand tool in the past that you can automatically operate an electric one. Similarly, even if you have the proper training and experience, inspect the tool before use. This includes checking for missing or loose parts, examining the safety guard, seeing if the blade is dull or loose, and examining the body and cord for cuts and cracks. Additionally, check the shut off function and power switches on the tool to make sure they work and that the tool will turn off easily in an emergency.

Secord, important safety precaution is making sure you have the right tool for the job. Don't use a large tool for a small job, such as a circular saw when a jigsaw or reciprocating saw is needed to do a fine cutting job. Even when operating the tool, wear appropriate protection. This almost always includes eye and hearing protection and, with tools that generate particles, respiratory protection might be needed. Similarly, wear appropriate clothing, with no loose shirts, pants, or jewelry that could become caught.


When operating, all power tools must be grounded or, more specifically, plugged into a GFCI outlet. Additionally, to avoid more injuries while using power tools, have the work area around the tools completely clear and organized and the cord to the tool out of the way to prevent tripping or electrocution.

Post time: Dec-13-2022