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2000W Adjustable Multi Purpose Heat Gun Manufacture HG8720E

portable heat gun has PC engineering plastics, anti-drop and anti-fall, high power, used in electronics, packaging, printing and other industries.

Product Specification:
  • Model : 2000W Adjustable Multi Purpose Heat Gun Manufacture HG8720E
  • Voltage : 220V
  • Power : 2000W
  • Temperature : Two gears,50-650℃
  • Air flow volume : Two gears,250-500L/Min
  • Weight : 1.12kg
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Product Details

Takgiko Heat Gun HG8720E Features:
1,  TGK heat gun softening the welding material. ; 
2, remove the self-adhesive stickers, old wallpaper and decorative; 
3, lifting rust or nuts and metal screws too tight; 
4, dissolved the frozen pipes, frozen locks or padlocks, etc.
5, processing grease or replacement of the old mill, first softening; 
6 for refrigerator defrost;
7, can shrink the PVC film as the protective layer of the packaging; 
8, can be used in addition to waxing or wax sledge; 
9, shrinkable polyethylene used connecting metal objects; 
10, softening the welding material.  
portable heat gun

portable heat gunportable heat gun

The high quality stainless steel outlet of the heat gun has high temperature resistance. The anti-scald cover is made of flame-retardant material with high melting point and slow heat conduction. The heat gun is with high temperature automatic protection to protect the whole machine in extreme high temperature environment.

2000W hot air gun heat up faster and high-performance copper winding motor inside the hot air gun gives strong power to make your heating job efficient.

The hot air gun digital control with Large LCD display, you can adjust the air volume and temperature precisely, the use temperature is clearly on the LCD display.

The heat gun is a ideal tool for craft, stripping paint, soldering pipes, phone repairing, vinyl wrap, removing rusted bolts/paint layer/floor tiles, softening caulk around the sink, waxing/remove, bending and molding plastics as well as drying and thawing works.

portable heat gun

where can i buy a heat gun

where can i buy a heat gun

POWERFUL & WIDELY PRACTICALITY -- TAKGIKO heat gun provides strong power fast heating in Seconds. Widely used in shrink wrapping, soldering, paint stripping, tube bending, BBQ, crafts, phone, car wrapping, stickers, etc.

DISPLAY & TEMPERATURE CONTROL --2000W heat gun with LCD digital display shows the real-time temperature for easy use, variable temperature control can meet the different temperature requirements of different jobs.

SAFE & RELIABLE -- Heat Gun built-in integrated overload protection prevents burning. Built-in overheating protection ensures safe and reliable use.

SCIENTIFIC ERGONOMIC DESIGN -- The heavy duty heat gun has a scientific ergonomic design handle can prevent repetitive strain injuries and Increase friction to prevent hand slip.

where can i buy a heat gun

where can i buy a heat gun

where can i buy a heat gun

where can i buy a heat gun

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